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A Proud and Thankful Family!

Randy Lollini Jr. – Our Lollini family has been in brick and stone masonry since just before my Great Grandfather Joe Lollini brought us to our great country in 1913. Joe had learned the trade before arriving at Ellis Island at 18 years of age. He spent many years as a mason in kilns, and on commercial buildings and residential homes all throughout the Ohio Valley. His Son Bill (my Grandpa) grew up learning to be a brick and stone mason from his Father, and after returning from World War 2, the two of them spent nearly 20 years together helping to build many houses and structures that still stand tall with their pride to this day! 

In 1956, my Grandfather Bill began selling the very products with which he and his father had literally built their reputation. Having only recently started in the sale of Limestone and Sandstone veneers and slabs, and after a meeting with Mr. Paul Belden Sr., our family became proud distributors of Belden Brick, that’s still made right here in Ohio today. That year was the beginning of many happy years of service and lifelong friendships that came from that agreement, and it was also the year Randy Lollini Sr. (my Dad) was born. 

Randy Sr. grew up learning to be a mason from his Father and Grandfather, working in blast furnaces, and building houses, while also becoming a delivery man, master truck mechanic, sales person, and general yard foreman at our company. Today, Dad, me, and our loyal staff, have grown our product showcase to include many high quality and unique types of building materials, while continuing to sell natural stones and distribute brick for Belden Brick, Continental Brick and Nitterhouse Masonry. The two of us carry a masonry heritage that you’re sure to feel at the Brickyard. 

From a foundation as Masons, on through decades of service proudly distributing Brick and Stone to the Tri-State, and now to the great multitude of Building Supplies we sell and display today, our family has built a business and a story we are very proud of! These things were only possible with the help of our happy customers, our loyal employees, and thru the hard work of the many qualified local home builders, masons, landscapers, installers, architects, and designers, that we’ve had the pleasure of dealing with throughout 4 generations of our grateful family! On behalf of our family, and through all of our generations, we would like to thank you all for the opportunities, the stories, the orders, and the referrals! We thank you all for your time, your consideration, and for the respect you have shown us through many years of returning customers! 

Lollini & Sons Inc. was built with the help of many families! Let us see what we can do for your family, and see for yourself what has kept us in business for close to 70 years! Please call 740-633-5200, or please stop by to see our truly impressive showcase of Building Materials at 830 Dewey Street in Martins Ferry, Ohio.

The Lollini Name

is known for Quality Products

We keep our customers coming back because they see that we know the quality products we sell, and because someone is ready to help them when they walk thru our door! Every day we give away for free what the super stores will never be able to sell! Our knowledge, our service, our time, and our reputation for our variety of high quality unique products, that’s what we are known for, and that is what we offer everyone that comes through the door!” 

– Randy Lollini Jr.

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  •  We serve and work with: homeowners, home builders, masons, contractors, landscapers, architects, designers, and installers.
  •  We offer full delivery service via boom truck throughout the tri-state and Upper Ohio Valley.
  •  We have a forklift and staff ready to load your truck and trailer.
  •  We are known and remembered for our integrity, the quality of our products, and the knowledge we happily share and have gained through 4 generations.
  •  We have three showrooms inside with build-outs and huge displays (both indoors and outdoors) of a great variety of high quality, truly unique products that you won’t find anywhere else.
  •  We have always given free estimates on all of our products.
  •  We are just minutes from Wheeling, West Virginia, and GPS apps do bring you to our door.
  •  We are a brick and mortar store, where you can actually see what you’re buying.
  •  We do have a large stock yard of material on hand, and we will always give honest lead times for orders.
  •  We can always find a time to meet with you if you can’t make it during our regular hours. Please call for details.