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Brick and Stone masonry is where we started in the upper Ohio Valley, and over our almost 70 years in Masonry sales, Lollini’s has become the name you start with for your masonry needs! As proud and long running distributors for Belden Brick, Continental Brick, Oberfields, and Nitterhouse Masonry, (all of which are made within the tri-state) we strive to only provide our customers with high quality options. It is important that customers in northern climates buy brick that are made for northern climates. That is the simple truth that we have always allowed to guide our product offering.

Having 2 Boom Trucks available for deliveries, and a long experience and reputation for supplying projects on time, we are fully capable to take care of your Residential or Commercial plans. Clay, Concrete, or Stone. Full Bed, Thin Veneer, or Paving. Our truly impressive showcase will have the products you’ve been wanting to see in person. So whether you’re a home owner, home builder, mason, contractor, landscaper, installer, architect, or designer, we are happy to meet with you to discuss your project. Please come and see our hundreds of options on display, just minutes from Wheeling W.Va. and I-70.
It has always been a great honor and a privilege to both sell and tie ourselves and our name to such quality products! That reverence can only be over shadowed by the reputation we have inherited through many years of hard work, sales made, and lessons learned! We carry this respect for ourselves and our customers, and in doing so, we have always tried our very best to share our knowledge, and give people our honest advice. That’s what we have become so well known for, and that is what we owe our years of success to! We were built with pride and integrity! We were built with honesty and quality! We were built with Brick and Stone!

Please call us at (740) 633-5200 if you have any questions or would like to set up a time to come in. We are open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. (sometimes later), and Saturday’s from 8 a.m. to 12p.m. (always call ahead on Saturdays). Our showcase and yard are located at:

Lollini & Sons Inc.
830 Dewey Street
Martins Ferry, Ohio 43943

Lollini & Sons Inc.

Has Brick for YOur

  • Brick Home
  • Brick Addition
  • Brick Building
  • Brick Walkway
  • Brick Sidewalk
  • Brick Patio
  • Brick Retaining Wall
  • Brick Oven
  • Brick Fireplace
  • Brick Accent Wall
  • Brick Bar
  • Brick Barbecue
  • Brick Screen Wall
  • Brick Monument
  • Brick Entrance Wall/Sign
  • Brick Planter
  • Brick Grill Island
  • Brick Outhouse

Do you have a masonry related question on which you’re looking for information? The brick industry associate (BIA) is a good place to start! Please click here for more information.


There’s only one building material that comes in thousands of colors and textures and doesn’t burn, melt, rot, corrode, rust, dent, peel, warp, can’t be eaten by termites, never needs painting and is likely to outlast your mortgage!


The beauty and utility of a brick wall arise from both the brick and the craftsmanship of the bricklayer. Brick can be “laid up” in a wall in many different bonds and patterns. Brick walls are hand crafted, making them more distinctive, natural and human!

Is one of the oldest of man’s building materials. For thousands of years, it has provided humanity with shelter and beauty. A quality brick today is a product that is as durable and dependable as it has ever been! When buying a well made brick today, one that has been fired to meet the highest standards of excellence, you are buying a product that you know will last your lifetime, and far beyond. Brick remains as one of the few products that all this can be said about.

ONLY BRICK has the flexibility to suit tastes ranging from colonial to contemporary, and the durability to eliminate the exterior maintenance necessary with other materials.

CLAY BRICK is baked and fired in ovens with chemical additives that help provide colors that are as permanent as the brick itself!

EXPOSED BRICK WALLS in an entrance or hall are beautiful in and of themselves, and provide dramatic settings for art and as accent walls.