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Quality Natural and Manufactured Veneer Stone

When you need natural and manmade veneer stone in Moundsville, WV, and the surrounding areas, call Lollini & Sons Inc. Stone is one of the most durable and attractive building materials on the market. Natural and manmade stone veneer offers homeowners unique ways to personalize your home. It makes a memorable first impression to visitors and neighbors. Our team takes pride in our natural veneer stone and manmade, or manufactured, veneer stone.

Visit our showroom at 830 Dewey Street in Martins Ferry, Ohio, to see Lollini & Sons Inc.’s veneer stone collection. Call us at (740) 633-5200 Monday through Saturday about our natural and manmade veneer stone inventory. Call ahead if you are visiting on Saturday.

Natural Veneer Stone

Gives You the Luster of Real Stone

Natural veneer stone offers the texture and luster of real stone in an affordable application. At Lollini & Sons Inc., we are proud to offer many choices in our showroom. Manufacturers produce natural veneer stone by sorting thin stone as it’s quarried for veneer installation. They can also produce it by cutting stone to produce consistently thin pieces. With both styles, the result is real stone that you install without a masonry footer. The installer can use construction techniques that are much faster than laying traditional building stone. We sell natural veneer stone from trusted manufacturers Charles Luck and Champlain Stone.

Manmade Veneer Stone

Gives You Perfect Choice of Color and Texture

Unlike natural veneer stone, manmade veneer stone allows you to pick the perfect combination of color, shape, and texture. Manufacturers cast the veneer stone with pigmented concrete poured into molds made from real stone. Manmade veneer stone offers a wide variety of patterns in a vast range of colors. Manufactured veneer stone weighs less than natural veneer stone. Makers of the stone design it to fit nicely together, making it easier and faster to install than natural veneer stone.

Lollini & Sons has a large selection of manmade veneer stone from quality manufacturers such as:

Dutch Quality Stone Company

Eldorado Stone Company

Nitterhouse (Stone Veneer Logs)


We Can Help You

with Your Choice of Veneer Stone

Do you want natural veneer stone or manmade veneer stone? If you are looking to customize a project, or make it look different that the rest, natural stone veneer might be your best choice. Manufactured veneer stone is easier to install and comes in predictable sizes that are easy to carry, cut, and hang. If you still have concerns or questions, the professionals at Lollini & Sons Inc. can certainly help.

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